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Job posting: Master Linuxcutioner.

Responsible for killing Windows operating systems and replacing them with Linux throughout the company. Must be merciless and firm with cry-baby users begging to keep their XP.

Travel required. Bonuses paid for discovering and destroying covert systems masquerading as OS X or having hidden dual boot with Windows OS.

Diplomacy appreciated: we'd prefer our users give up Windows willingly. However, firm resolve is absolutely necessary: all Windows operating systems must be replaced.

Legitimate Mac OS X systems may be retained for now. Users claiming to love Vista should be sent for medical evaluation. Users harboring Windows install disks must be reported to personnel department.

Compensation: commensurate with ability and bonuses based upon number of targets eliminated.

If you found something useful today, please consider a small donation.

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Sun Jan 25 03:56:14 2009: 5246   BrettLegree

My first target did not resist at all. It is as if it knew the time had come, and it gave up willingly.

A very clean hit, if I say so myself. The resurrected target seems much happier now.

Now, if only I were authorized to execute the Windows install on my work laptop *sigh* it does work much better with Linux...


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