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Save Windows XP

A petition to save Windows XP has apparently now been "signed" by 12,000 people. The opinions generally are that Vista is junk, or it may not be junk but everyone needs more time (XP is currently scheduled for its swan dive on June 30, 2008), or Vista is a scam by Microsoft to make more money (hey - Microsoft does need money, doesn't it?).

I got XP over 10 year. And I works with the
System very good. Its is a the best Systems and
I like this.

(From comments at Learn why XP should be saved link dead, sorry)

(No, I'm not making this up)

At Learn why XP should be saved (link dead, sorry) , it seems the dominant reason is simply that nobody outside of Microsoft likes Vista. Probably there are people inside Microsoft who haven't faved it either, but they can't say anything out loud, so they don't count.

Well, heck, I don't like Vista. I don't care much for XP either, but I signed the petition. Why not? Anything that can put a pebble in Microsoft's sandals has to be good for Truth, Justice and The American Way, right? Yeah..

So, yes, let's save Windows XP. Dammit, we need legislation. Where are the whacky Congress-Critters when you need one? Heck, we had a nut-job in this state's legislature who wanted a law forcing restaurants to offer sugar substitutes.. can't we get some high moral anger up over Microsoft forcing this Vista on us?

Sure we can.. heck, it's anti-green:

As someone concerned about the environment, I shudder at the thought
of millions of perfectly good computers (with XP on them) going in
the dump or worse, into some 3rd world country for "recycling" just
because the "latest and greatest" software had to be used.
(op. cit.)

And it's bad for the economy:

I will not be changing any of my IT clients to Vista - ever. If
I'm left with no other choice, I will shut down my consulting
business before I will support this horrible excuse for an OS.
(op. cit.)

Now if we could only find some evidence that Microsoft is selling Vista to Iran and North Korea.. or would that be good for us?

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Wed Jan 16 16:04:40 2008: 3487   BigDUmbDInosaur

Vista is indeed a sorry excuse for an operating system. We've had some new machines brought to us for the express purpose of replacing Vista with XP. The customers were willing to pay the cost of the XP distribution plus the labor to scratch-load it so they could get rid of Vista. Not a ringing endorsement of the latter, eh?

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