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The Helios Project

I'd like to direct your attention to The Blog of Helios and specifically the post referenced by that link.

This is a guy in Austin Texas who has been building Linux computers for disadvantaged children. The Helios Project takes old computers, rebuilds them as necessary, pops Linux on them, and delivers them to needy kids.

All for free. All done by hard working volunteers.

I'm helping to point him out for two reasons. One, if you can help them financially or with equipment donations, that's great. But even more importantly, if you can help spread the word that projects like this exist, that is even better. Of course if you have the will and the means to start such a project yourself, that would be wonderful.

Yeah, I know. Tough times. If we're having it tough, imagine how some of these kids are feeling.

Maybe your company is dumping some equipment a guy like that could use? If so, please do make the effort to read their current needs page and perhaps make the bigger effort to convince your company that paying to ship that stuff would be a generous and wonderful thing to do.

Or maybe you have some "junk" that isn't junk kicking around your garage or basement. Wouldn't you like to do something good with it?

That's all I want to say today. You know what to do, right?

Got something to add? Send me email.


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Wed Jul 1 12:24:13 2009: 6585   BrettLegree

I think what Helios is doing is awesome. I've been visiting his blog for some time and so I have been aware of this project.

I looked into doing something similar at our workplace a few years ago, and it was shot down for various reasons (IT Security is too stupid to believe that secure HDD wiping programs exist, plus the way our equipment is funded - government - there were some other concerns).

It may be time to revisit this, as things are changing at work and we could use the positive PR.

In the mean time I have done a few of these on my own, whenever I inherit a used and serviceable PC.

Even one at a time can make all the difference.

Wed Jul 1 16:47:09 2009: 6587   TonyLawrence

I went through some piles here and found hard drives, ram and wireless routers/access points that I sent off to them (write them with what you have before shipping!).

Wed Jul 1 19:10:20 2009: 6588   BruceGarlock

Thanks for posting this, Tony! I am always looking for a place to donate to, and this is perfect. I'll be hitting my basement this weekend, so this is perfect timing :-)

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