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Fedora Core 6

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Fedora Core 6 is now available. Well, I suppose that's a bit of a stretch: right now the site is clogged with folks TRYING to download it.. my Torrent estimated 20 days to pull it down. So to avoid adding to the misery, I stopped that and will wait a few days to let the dust settle.

Why all the interest? This release incorporates Xen, and apparently they don't just mean that the hooks are there for you to struggle with. According to tgdaily.com:

Fedora Project leader Max Spevack, said, "Now you can create and delete and start up your Xen instances without having to do it all on the command line. If you've got someone savvy enough to be a Linux desktop user, they're probably going to think the idea of virtualization is cool, but it sounds kind of hard. Hopefully a graphical tool like this lowers that barrier to entry."

That's the big news. Other less compelling but still welcome improvements include a better print configuration tool, a supposedly more intuitive cluster management tool, a better installer and a graphical SELinux troubleshooting tool.

Oh yeah: You could run it on an Intel Mac if you are daring enough. The eye candy hasn't been ignored either if that's important to you. All around performance is supposed to be improved by faster linking.

It all sounds great, and I'm looking forward to actually being able to download it.

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Thu Oct 26 13:17:52 2006: 2556   bruceg2004

My torrent gave me the 3 days, and I left my laptop going last night, and to my amazement, it was done this morning. I guess I lot of people have it now, which is good.

- Bruce

Sat Oct 28 12:34:05 2006: 2561   drag

On very busy torrents the initial speed indication is usually very innaccurate.

Obviously Bittorrent gets it's speed from the protocol design were users upload as they download... well it's built into the protocol were it balances out, the more you upload the faster you download and if your not uploading stuff then your download speed is going to be very poor. So when your starting off you have to wait until you get a few megs downloaded completely and you start to upload that data, once that happens then you'll get a much more accurate result.

Also it throws off your speed when your dealing with a new download and there aren't many seeders and a large number of downloaders. Everybody will quickly end up having the same information while new data is leaking off the initial seed.

The wonderfull thing about this is that it scales wonderfully. Aside from the initial slow download the more people that download the faster it goes! So generally you get much much faster downloads if 1000 people are downloading a file vs 100 people. Especially if your using something like a cable modem and somebody already has most of what your downloading on a local link.

Bittorrent is widly successfull. For the peak of popularity with using Bittorrent and illegal downloads bittorrent was using over a full 3rd of all bandwidth being used on the internet. And with ISPs generally overselling bandwidth to residential end users this came as quite a hit for them.

All of this was something originally designed for distributing Linux install images. Who says open source isn't innovative?

(of course bt wasn't ever designed for piracy. It's quite easy to track users and for ISPs it's obvious who are the big illegal downloaders and they'll generally threaten them with letters and/or restricted bandwidth. So for illicite stuff bt isn't as popular.)


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