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Apt-get for RedHat Linux

© March 2003 Rob Fantini

RedHat 7.3 and 8.0 do not have tools like Mandrakes urpmi for installing/updating rpms.

After researching on Google groups for a similiar Redhat tool . APT seemed to be the best.
I think its a tool from Debian linux.

I needed to install portmap rpm on our SME [ internet gateway/web server/ email etc] server

these were the steps:

1- download https://ftp.freshrpms.net/pub/freshrpms/redhat/7.3/apt/apt-0.5.5cnc3-fr0.rh73.2.i386.rpm

2-install rpm -ivh apt-*.rpm

3- apt-get update

4- apt-get install portmap

See apt-get man pages for more info.

see https://apt.freshrpms.net/ for other redhat versions.

There are options to apt-get that I don't use on production machines, like
apt-get dist-upgrade
apt-get remove

try using --dry-run to test apt-get. here is an example:

apt-get --dry-run  install gcc
Reading Package Lists... Done
Collecting File Provides... Done
Building Dependency Tree... Done
The following extra packages will be installed:
cpp glibc-devel glibc-kernheaders
The following NEW packages will be installed:
cpp gcc glibc-devel glibc-kernheaders
0 packages upgraded, 4 newly installed, 0 removed and 45 not upgraded.
Inst cpp (2.96-113 Valhalla:7.3 en/Red Hat Linux)
Inst glibc-kernheaders (2.4-7.16 Valhalla:7.3 en/Red Hat Linux)
Inst glibc-devel (2.2.5-43 Valhalla:7.3 en/Red Hat Linux)
Inst gcc (2.96-113 Valhalla:7.3 en/Red Hat Linux)
Conf cpp (2.96-113 Valhalla:7.3 en/Red Hat Linux)
Conf glibc-kernheaders (2.4-7.16 Valhalla:7.3 en/Red Hat Linux)
Conf glibc-devel (2.2.5-43 Valhalla:7.3 en/Red Hat Linux)
Conf gcc (2.96-113 Valhalla:7.3 en/Red Hat Linux)
Copyright March 2003 Rob Fantini All rights reserved

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Fix your link. (link)

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Unfortunately, links change. The best thing to do when that happens is to Google for the last part:


in this case. That will turn up places that still have this.


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