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I have a best selling book on Amazon!

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Pardon me while I brag a little bit.

Well, no, not really brag. Honestly, I'm just astonished to find my Unix and Linux Troubleshooting E-Book listed among the "best sellers" in not one, but two Amazon categories. Ok, in fairness it barely makes the cutoff in Books>Computers & Technology>Operating Systems>Unix, but it's on page two of Kindle Store>Kindle eBooks>Computers & Technology>Operating Systems>Unix and that surprises me.

 Amazon page as of October 2015

OK, it's not exactly like it was Books>Computers & Technology>Operating Systems>Linux, but even there it is not all that far from the magic 100 mark. This book is much more popular than I thought.

I guess I shouldn't be too surprised as Amazon has been sending me money all these years and it's not like any of those are very crowded categories, but still: it's a best seller and I'm going to stick that little feather in my cap and call attention to it.

If you don't mind spending a whopping $2.99 for what one reviewer called "Whimsical, entertaining, yet informative", you could even help me drive it higher!

Linux and Unix Troubleshooting Kindle Edition

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-> I have a best seller on Amazon

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