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Over the weekend I had a customer experience "Logon Failure: Account Currently Disabled" and "System Error 1331" error messages when attempting to access his newly upgraded RedHat server from a Windows XP client.

At first I thought this was because of the upgrade. He had done a fresh install and had copied over his entire /etc/samba directory. I thought that perhaps file formats might have changed from whatever version he had previously and that this was causing this strange error. I therefore had him remove the Samba passwords file and add the users again with "smbpasswd -a" but the problem still continued.

Microsoft references this at, saying "This problem occurs most commonly when a Windows NT 4.0-based or Windows 2000-based computer that has been a member of one domain is moved to another domain", but that didn't enlighten us. I asked him to check his Samba logs and that's where we found the problem: Samba wasn't actually starting. That was unexpected because something was at least answering the smb request: you wouldn't get an "account disabled" if nothing responded at all. I had him do an "lsof -i:139" and the answer popped up: Facetwin.

Facetwin is a Samba alternative that some people like. I agree that it has a nice terminal emulator, but I don't advise using this in place of Samba. That wasn't the customers intent either: he meant to just install the terminal emulator and not the full smb version. However, being pressed for time, he had delegated that task to someone else who wasn't aware that the full installation would conflict with Samba and prevent it from working.

Actually, it's fortunate that we found this so easily. Had the installer configured basic accounts and shares, this would have been even more confusing as it would have seemed to be working at least partially.

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Tue May 19 13:16:19 2009: 6380   BigDumbDinosaur

I didn't even know FacetWin was/is still around. Ever since Samba got out of the "hmm, interesting" phase back in the late 1990s, I haven't looked much at other SMB servers. I did have a few installations running on SCO's VisionFS for a while but replaced them with Samba once I had the latter figured out.

Tue May 19 13:38:33 2009: 6381   TonyLawrence

Yeah, it's still out there. I run into it now and then and try to avoid it by disclaiming any knowledge whatsoever. They have truly awful documentation and I just can't summon the energy to help with any problems.

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