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Let's get that router programmed. What router was that?


At 10:00 AM sharp I showed up at the door of a long time customer. They were closed for inventory, but I called and they buzzed me in. They deal in jewelry and precious metals so you can't ordinarily just walk in there if not expected, but I've known the owner almost thirty years so I wasn't challenged. This is the kind of place where several employees have visible firearms and most of the rest are licensed even if not wearing one on their hip at the moment.

They seemed puzzled to see me, though. "What's up?", they asked. I explained I was there to reprogram their router because their security guy had called me about a new camera. That seemed to puzzle them more. "He hasn't been here in more than a month", they explained. They had no new cameras.

I suddenly realized this made even less sense as I thought about it. This place allows absolutely no remote access. That's why I had come there rather than programming the router remotely: they do not allow that. Yet I thought I was there to set up a camera for remote viewing. That didn't make sense!

If I hadn't been known to them for so long things might have become a bit tense right then as this certainly could have looked fishy. I was confused and insisted they had called me two days earlier. I took out my phone and scrolled though recent calls..

Oops. Wrong customer. Not even similar names, but something had made me think it was them. I shook my head and apologized.

"Really nice to see y'all, though", I said as I went back out to my car.

I called the other guy. He thought it was pretty funny. He has no restrictions on remote access, so I drove back home and programmed his router from there.

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