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iPads being delivered today

© April 2010 Anthony Lawrence

Fedex planes carried many thousands of 4 pound packages on the night of April 29th, but some of these were marked for overnight delivery and contained 3G iPads. This was an unanticipated move by Apple: we all knew that the iPads were promised to "ship late April", as our Apple.com order page told us, but we didn't expect that Apple would gratuitously upgrade everyone's shipping to Priority Overnight. That is just what they did, however.

The news broke Thursday, the day before scheduled delivery. Thousands upon thousands of geeks with open orders called in sick on Friday morning and began writing scripts to repetitively fetch their Fedex tracking page. Spouses were awakened with excited cries of "It's left Newark - wake up, wake up, it has left Newark!" and later with the hushed and reverential "It's out for delivery. Listen to me: it's OUT FOR DELIVERY. Right now. Really."

A few unfortunate souls who chose to live in far rural areas clutched their heads in psychic pain: their iPads would not reach their doors until Saturday and for some wretched few, not until Monday. These creatures bemoaned the choices and circumstances that had brought them to abide in a location where Fedex could not reach them more quickly. They cursed their fate, but still reloaded the tracking page regularly in vain hope that somehow, somehow, a miracle could happen.

Fedex drivers were greeted by the strange sight of geeks rushing out to meet their trucks or already at the curb, bouncing up and down, giddy with excitement. Many a geek inflicted neck strain upon themselves from stretching to see if the Fedex truck was coming. Others were obviously distressed with indecision: should they stand outside awaiting the delivery or go back in and reload the tracking page? Sometimes this problem was solved by keeping children home from school: little geeks-to-be were seen shouting out windows: "No change, Dad, no change".

Eventually the trucks delivered their cargo. In many places, streets were littered with cardboard as excited geeks tore open the packages before going back into their homes. Shouts of "I have signal! I have signal!" echoed down the streets of large cities and small towns everywhere.

And thus the second wave of the great iPad Revolution began.

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Fri Apr 30 11:44:45 2010: 8486   TonyLawrence


Mine left Newark just after midnight.

I can feel it coming closer...

Fri Apr 30 12:40:39 2010: 8487   TonyLawrence


7:59 AM - at Fedex facility one town away :-)

I'm reading (link) (PC Mag best 25 iPad apps)


Fri Apr 30 13:10:05 2010: 8488   TonyLawrence


8:35 On Fedex Vehicle for delivery.

Xmas morning 1952 :-)

Fri Apr 30 14:17:20 2010: 8489   BigDumbDInosaur


Talk about a terminal case of techno-lust!

Fri Apr 30 14:43:58 2010: 8490   TonyLawrence


It's here :-)

Mon Jun 11 20:20:27 2012: 11086   TonyLawrence


Unbelievable that only 2 years later I won't be able to upgrade to IOS 6..

That sucks, Apple.


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