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Computers can be funny. Unfortunately, too much of computer humor is of the "dumb user" sort. I'm not overly fond of that kind of humor usually, because it too often depends on inside knowledge or familiarity. It can be funny, but I think it loses its appeal quickly. If you like that kind of thing, see Computer Stupidities and this Stupid Tech Support.

So you won't find much if any of that here. You probably won't fall off your chair laughing at any of these either, but these are all true, at least mildly amusing, and computer related. They aren't necessarily all Unix and Linux, but some of them are. There are also computer related cartoons. Enjoy.



TitleAuthor Date    Last comment

The evil spirit who pushes my wife's car  Anthony Lawrence 2015 04    2015/04/13 14:25 TonyLawrence

Let's get that router programmed. What router was that?  Anthony Lawrence 2015 03    

The truth about Linux  Anthony Lawrence 2013 08    2014/04/08 06:48 SachinGopal

The king is dead, long live Microsoft  Anthony Lawrence 2013 08    

The Seven Layer inedible OSI cake  Anthony Lawrence 2013 08    

System Administrator wanted  Anthony Lawrence 2013 08    2013/08/23 15:32 TonyLawrence

Joe's computer turns 3  Anthony Lawrence 2011 07    

iPads being delivered today  Anthony Lawrence 2010 04    2012/06/11 20:20 TonyLawrence

Is Linux the One True Religion?  Anthony Lawrence 2009 10    2013/06/24 19:25 TonyLawrence

Super Secret TV Listings  Anthony Lawrence 2009 07    

Microsoft move stuns nation  Anthony Lawrence 2009 04    

Linux fails to meet the needs of real users  Anthony Lawrence 2009 04    2010/11/02 21:24 TonyLawrence

Choosing your perfect Operating System  Anthony Lawrence 2009 03    2013/07/07 19:49 BigDumbDinosaur

More backup, please  Anthony Lawrence 2009 02    

Linuxcutioner  Anthony Lawrence 2009 01    

Seeking Political Asylum - need ride  Anthony Lawrence 2009 01    

Linksys RV042 VPN  Anthony Lawrence 2008 11    

I am Joe's Computer  Anthony Lawrence 2008 06    

Linux Lunacy  Anthony Lawrence 2008 05    

No plans for a Mac or Linux version  Anthony Lawrence 2008 04    2013/06/29 21:17 BrettLegree

It's not a backslash!  Anthony Lawrence 2008 03    2010/05/11 13:24 dave

Geeks and Sports  Anthony Lawrence 2008 01    

10 Reasons you need Vista  Anthony Lawrence 2007 12    2010/04/13 13:49 TonyLawrence

Wiggle that Mouse  Anthony Lawrence 2007 11    

We lost the war  Anthony Lawrence 2007 10    

Phantom Connections  Anthony Lawrence 2006 12    

Plastering your printer  Anthony Lawrence 2006 11    

Tony's Rules for Computer Consultants  Anthony Lawrence 2006 10    

The Limousine ride  Anthony Lawrence 2006 10    

Printer Haikus  Dirk Hart 2006 09    

Don't you dare G**gle!  Anthony Lawrence 2006 08    2013/06/24 17:00 TonyLawrence

The Great Gates-by  Anthony Lawrence 2006 08    

Please Submit your Open Source Resume in Word  Anthony Lawrence 2006 07    

Phone vs. Net  Anthony Lawrence 2006 07    

I hate penguins  Anthony Lawrence 2006 06    

It's unplugged, isn't it?  Anthony Lawrence 2006 06    

Who is Louella Slaton?  Anthony Lawrence 2006 06    

Loose cables  Anthony Lawrence 2006 06    

Old Technology  Anthony Lawrence 2006 04    

I AM COMPUTER LITERATE  Anthony Lawrence 2006 03    

GWT (Global Warming Temperature)  Anthony Lawrence 2006 02    

Welcome to Unix  Anthony Lawrence 2006 02    2012/05/31 12:47 BigDumbDinosaur

Routers and switches and hubs, oh my!  Tony Lawrence 2005 09    

Through a Window (Darkly)  Tony Lawrence 2005 08    

Dude, you should have bought the HP  Tony Lawrence 2005 08    

C Pointer Problems  Tony Lawrence 2005 07    2011/04/18 21:19 TonyLawrence

Computer Fax Software.. circa 1991  Tony Lawrence 2005 07    

Set Startup..  Tony Lawrence 2005 07    

Google Maps Beta  Dirk Hart 2005 02    

Troubleshooting: Try something different  Tony Lawrence 2004 12    

You may discover things about Microsoft  Tony Lawrence 2004 12    

Goodbye, AOL  Tony Lawrence 2004 12    

But I don't have an email password  Tony Lawrence 2004 12    

Dead Rat fixes computer problem  Tony Lawrence 2004 11    

Cartoons:Inspiring Confidence  Tony Lawrence 2004 10    

Cartoons:Server Down  Tony Lawrence 2004 10    

Ships that pass in the night  Tony Lawrence 2004 09    

Exactly as I requested  Tony Lawrence 2004 09    

Candidates Web Sites  Tony Lawrence 2004 08    

Cartoons: Power to spare  Tony Lawrence 2004 08    

Cartoons: Ms. Mac OS X  Tony Lawrence 2004 08    

Cartoons: Bad Dreams  Tony Lawrence 2004 08    

Cartoons: TCP Client jealousy  Tony Lawrence 2004 08    

Cartoons: Best Shot  Tony Lawrence 2004 08    

Cartoons: Bad day at the firewall  Tony Lawrence 2004 08    

BIOS Passwords  Tony Lawrence 2004 07    

The Tragedy of the Pcuni  Tony Lawrence 2004 03    2010/09/24 17:01 Earle

iTunes for Windows  Tony Lawrence 2003 10    

I warned you!  Tony Lawrence 2003 09    

Open Source is Killing Me!  Tony Lawrence 2003 09    

In Defense of Unix (and Linux, of course)  Tony Lawrence 2003 09    

Do as I say! (and not as I do)  Dirk Hart 2003 08    

Money For Nothing  Tony Lawrence 2003 07    

RMA's  Tony Lawrence 2003 07    

Every Single One  Tony Lawrence 2003 07    

A Phone Call  Tony Lawrence 2003 07    

What if they like it?  Tony Lawrence 2003 07    

Still Not As Hard As Unix  Tony Lawrence 1999 11    2010/03/19 02:44 anonymous

html mail and news gospel -->The Gospel for e-mail andUSENET  (various authors) 2004 12    

Unhappy Modems  Tony Lawrence 1991 01    

The Very Beginning  Tony Lawrence 1991 01    

If you found something useful today, please consider a small donation.

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