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Exactly as I requested

Last week I went on site to help stage a new server for a company where the only tech person had taken a new job. The day I arrived was actually his last day, and no new person had even been interviewed yet, and he wanted to get the new server at least functional if not actually deployed before leaving. Unfortunately, we ran into some problems: hardware we wanted to add to the system required longer cables and power cable extenders and even though I do carry a lot of that kind of thing in my trunk, we just couldn't quite make it work no matter how we rearranged things. No place close by had what we needed, so we decided I would just have to come back another day to finish it up on my own. No problem, I said, just make sure the server is where I can find it. The departing tech assured me it would be "right here", so I shook his hand, wished him luck, and went off to do something else.

Back in my office, I ordered the special cables etc. that I would need, and when they came in, I threw them in my car and drove back to the job. No new tech person had been hired, so I proceeded to the office where we had been working before.

Indeed, the server was still there. It was in plain sight, on the floor, well away from any casual mishap that might befall it. I had nothing to complain about in that regard. Unfortunately, while the server was "right there", nothing else was: no monitor, no keyboard, no mouse, no power cable, no network cable.. just the server, "right there", as I had requested.

I can't complain, can I?

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---September 2, 2004

Looks like your going to have to add a little LCD display and a keyboard to your little goodies you take around with you. ;)


This story is another variant of the "any key" line of thinking: the newly-departed tech was a little too literal in his interpretation of your request.

"Looks like your going to have to add a little LCD display and a keyboard to your little goodies you take around with you."

Pretty soon you'll be driving a semi to haul all your crap with you. <Smile>


---September 2, 2004

I haven't found out what really went on here yet. I don't know if someone just "borrowed" the keyboard or what. I found an old keyboard/mouse I could use :-)


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