The evil spirit who pushes my wife's car


Our driveway leads directly from the street to our garage. You make a 90 degree turn from the street and drive right in. It is as straight as an arrow. This is a fact that my wife and I agree on.

Where we differ is on how one gets out of the garage.

I contend that there is a reflexive law here. That is, if you can drive straight in to the garage, you can back straight out. My wife disagrees.

When she backs out, she insists that it is necessary to turn to the left slightly. If she doesn't do this, she says she ends up on the right hand side of the driveway and possibly into the grass.

I contend that this magical effect could only be caused by her deliberately turning to the right instead of backing up straight. She has informed me that I am completely wrong about that because she certainly does NOT turn to the right; she knows how to back up straight and the car ends up in the grass or close to it when she does so.

I have checked carefully and there are no large magnets installed to the right of our driveway. Nor is there an 80 MPH wind blowing from the left. Additionally, I have never experienced this movement to the right myself, so I can only conclude that some evil but rather incompetent spirit waits outside our garage and torments my wife by pushing the car to the right when she backs out.

She doesn't agree with that theory either.

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Sun Apr 12 12:40:40 2015: http://www.rlp1938 12653   Bob


In Australia your driving activity would be illegal. There you are required to back in to your driveway, existing garage or not, and when leaving drive forward on to the street. That may be a better way to do it.

Sun Apr 12 12:55:36 2015: 12654   TonyLawrence


If that were law here, I'd have to meet her in the street and take over the driving. She'd NEVER be able to back in!

Mon Apr 13 14:02:00 2015: http://bcstechnology.net12655   BigDumbDinosaur


In many states, the law says one is to pull out of a driveway onto a public roadway, just like in Australia. No one ever seems to get a ticket though for back out into the street, unless they hit someone.

Mon Apr 13 14:25:54 2015: 12656   TonyLawrence


We live in a cul-de-sac in a private development with private roads.

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