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What is Kerio Connect?

  • Groupware replacement for Microsoft Exchange
  • Cross-platform collaboration
  • Run on Mac, Linux or Windows
  • Webmail from IE, Firefox, Safari and more
  • POP, IMAP or Outlook Connector
  • Sync to mobile phones
  • Archiving and automatic backup
  • Free download and 30 day trial - Call me for configuration assistance!
  • Free installation assistance
  • On-going support with subscription
  • Simple browser based administration tool

Kerio Connect Mailserver is a cross-platform messaging and collaboration server with built-in anti-spam, archiving, multi-client webmail, advanced security features and simple administration.

It is a true groupware replacement for Microsoft Exchange that is far less expensive to deploy.

Find Pricing and Renewals here.

Kerio Connect Mailserver is a full featured mail server which includes spam protection and can scan incoming mail with Sophos antivirus. It has many of the same features as Exchange and Mac Entourage including shared calendars. Webmail and WAP access are also included. You can set quotas, access the administrative console remotely if desired. This server handles multiple domains, and works with all POP3 or IMAP clients.

Support for Windows Mobile Devices, iPhone, etc.. Now you can leave your office and still receive all your email real-time. Send email replies instantly. Lookup contacts in your Global Address Book. Create appointments for yourself and your colleagues. Best of all, when you come back to your office, you will find your desktop groupware client and Kerio WebMail in perfect sync.

A powerful mailing list capability is included: no need to maintain corporate lists in Excel or Word.

Accounts can be directly mapped from Active Directory or Mac Open Directory- no need to re-enter data when setting up new users. From 20 users to hundreds, Kerio Connect Mailserver is an effective tool to manage your email.

By the way, licensing for Kerio is per actual mailbox: aliases and groups do not count toward licensing. This is another place where Kerio Mailserver saves you money!

Kerio Connect Features

Quotas by disk size or message count can be applied globally or to specific users.

Accidentally deleted email can be recovered at the push of a button!

Over 14 anti-spam layers.

Whitelists and blacklists by message headers.

Easily control service limits and other ant-spam features.

Share email, calendar and contacts, and schedule meetings on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

Resource Scheduling allows users to see, create, delegate and reserve shared resources such as conference rooms and audio-visual equipment.

Sync email, calendar and contacts automatically with your mobile device

If your phone is ever stolen or lost, delete confidential information with Kerio Smart Wipe.

Use IMAP, POP, Webmail or configure Outlook or Entourage to function as they would with Exchange!

Easy setup for administators and users!

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