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Two step authentication for Kerio Control

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Kerio Control 8.5 has added two step authentication. Unlike systems that use text messages or voice to give you a key to respond to the challenge, Kerio Control uses a QR code that you must scan with your smart phone using an app. The app tells you the code which you then type in to gain access.

The administrator can make this optional or compulsory. It does not apply to local connections and you can have it remember you for 30 days.

As explained at Authenticating to the firewall with 2-step verification, there are several authenticator apps available. I chose RedHat's FreeOTP Authenticator for my iPhone. Here's what that looks like after scanning the QR code:

FreeOTP Authenticator

This is simple to set up and adds extra security to VPN and other firewall access.

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-> Two step authentication for Kerio Control

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