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Slow loading folders in Outlook with Kerio Connect

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Anonymous asks:

I'm running Kerio Connect Mail Server and my Outlook folders are slow loading, slow to search and slow to change.

The solution to this is to turn on caching. By default, only your INBOX is cached, which leaves everything else to be reloaded whenever you want access.

Synchronizing Microsoft Outlook with Kerio Connect explains:

The default synchronization works as follows:

Inbox — whole messages are synchronized.
Other email folders — only message headers and body in plain text are synchronized.
Events — whole events are synchronized.
Contacts — whole contacts are synchronized.
Tasks — whole tasks are synchronized.
Notes — whole notes are synchronized.

Upon each startup of Microsoft Outlook, Kerio Outlook Connector synchronizes the currently opened folder first.

This can be changed; the link explains how. Don't neglect the "Set also to all subfolders".

Synchronizing other folders

Of course this does require additional local storage. You might also want to know the cached data is not encrypted.

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-> My Outlook folders are slow loading, slow to search and slow to change

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