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Handling retired addresses with Kerio Connect

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Anonymous asks:

I have two ex-employees who still get RFQs from time to time. I want an autoresponder that says "I am retired, please send business mail (only) to [email protected]

The normal vacation responder will do what we want with a little extra tweaking. This will require some manual editing, but go ahead and create a normal vacation responder for yourself first as that will save you some typing.

a normal vacation responder

Now you need to edit your "filter.siv" file manually. For example, if I had "jack" and "sue" as ex- employees who no longer have email addresses, I'd do this:

if allof (header :contains "Subject" "RFQ", address :is "to" ["[email protected]", "[email protected]"]) {
  vacation :days 7 :rangeEnabled 1 :rangeStart 1430989200 :rangeEnd 2488198000 "I am retired, please send business mail to [email protected]";

if  address :is "to" ["[email protected]", "[email protected]"] {

Both "jack" and "sue" would also be added as aliases of my account. The first filter rule checks to see if the subject contains "RFQ" and the address is one of the ex-employees. You could add other tests if necessary. The second rule discards their mail if it wan't matched in the first rule.

I changed "rangeEnd" to a Julian date in May of 2100.

Note: the Kerio rule editor will see these rules but won't understand them or let you edit them. That won't affect using the editor to add or edit other rules.

manually edited rules are ignore by the Kerio rule editor

Using Sieve

If you found something useful today, please consider a small donation.

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