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Common Maintenance for Kerio Control

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Sometimes I have to log in to customer firewalls to examine some issue they are having. While there, I often notice that routine maintenance issues have been neglected; sometimes for an obviously long time. It's all too easy to forget about your firewall. It does its job behind the scenes, but there are regular maintenance items that should be checked regularly.

Keeping your firewall up to date and problem free is something you should add to your regular maintenance schedule. None of this is difficult. If you just log in to your Kerio Control firewall on a regular basis, it will tell you in the dashboard of any issues that need to be addressed. Click on the links and you'll be taken straight to where you can address the problems.


Dashboard notifications

Some of the most common issues are expired certificates, upgrades needed and sometimes low disk space. Usually it is quite obvious what action is required, but if you ever have and question or doubt, just call or email me and I will help you. There's no charge for that, of course.

If you found something useful today, please consider a small donation.

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-> Common Maintenance for Kerio Control

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