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Using Antivirus programs with Kerio Connect

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You probably learned very quickly that if you are running Kerio Connect and have a Anti Virus program for the machine it runs on, you need to tell that A/V program not to scan the Kerio install and store directories. If you let it mess with files there, it can cause a number of problems, including damaging the built in Sophos A/V optional with Kerio. It could damage email files also, though that's less likely.

But what about user machines with Outlook and KOFF? You should disable any Outlook A/V plugins if you have any. You also should have any system AntiVirus not scan the KOFF Store and debug log as it could corrupt those. See Location of KOFF store and debug files for where to find those files.

Linux and Mac users are less likely to be running A/V, but if you are, don't forget this!

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-> Using Antivirus programs with Kerio Connect

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