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Advanced Attachment Filters in Kerio Connect

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Kerio Connect attachment filtering can increase security and cut down on spam, but at first glance it appears to be all or nothing. If you want to deny zip files, you deny every zip file and there seems to be no other option. It would be nice if attachment filtering could use whitelists where you could add customers who can send you zip files, but it doesn't offer that.

By the way, there is a suggestion for this; adding your vote could help (click "Suggest Idea" from your admin panel).

There is something you MAY be able to do, though. If your customers files follow a naming pattern (or you can convince them to do so), you can create attachment rules that let those pass while blocking others. Here's an artificial example:

An example of advancec attachment filtering

That allows zip files that begin with "okzip" to pass. It's not an ideal solution, but it may help in some cases.

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-> Advanced Attachment Filters in Kerio Connect

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