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Kerio MailServer ActiveSync

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Kerio® is adding over the air ActiveSync capability to its 6.3 release (available in beta now at http://www.kerio.com/beta_section.html)

From the release notes:

Major new features:

Supported mobile platforms:

For me personally, this isn't of much value: I'm not very "mobile" anymore (I do most of my work over the Internet now) and I don't own anything that needs this protocol. However, that's me: for a lot of you, remote synchronization of email is very useful. I don't expect this to remain so for too many years: advances in technology and "everywhere" high speed access will probably mean that we will own ONE device that has or can access anything we need: no need for synchronization because it's all available anywhere, anytime.

That's the future, though. We'll look back at these clunky and weak mobile devices and laugh, but right now they are what a lot of folks use.

Note to those anxious to try out these features: remember, this is beta software. By all means participate if you want to help make it better, but don't jump in just because you want ActiveSync now. Be patient: the full supported product is probably just weeks away.

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Wed Apr 9 22:40:11 2008: 4022   TonyLawrence

It's no longer beta. Current Kerio versions have strong mobile support.


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