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Weave your spider web

© September 2009 Girish Venkatachalam
Girish Venkatachalam

Girish Venkatachalam is a UNIX hacker with more than a decade of networking and crypto programming experience. His hobbies include yoga,cycling, cooking and he runs his own business. Details here:


I am going to talk about a very different kind of networking in this article. I have discussed networking in very good detail in my articles written over the last one month.

This time I wish to change tack and speak about the networking that is far more important than TCP/IP networking. I am going to talk about the technology employed by spiders to catch its prey.

Weaving a web is not an easy task. It may be instinctive and effortless for spiders but for we humans it is quite hard. We humans need a web that is quite as useful as spider webs are for a spider.

Let me explain.

Spiders and web have become computer terms now. WWW stands for the worldwide web and the Internet is a network of computers with a structure similar to the spider web and crawlers and search engines employ what is known as spiders which are automated programs that trawl the web for information.

But this article is not interested in such things. We are going to focus on the sort of web that every human being needs for his survival, success and happiness.

Success and happiness may mean the same thing for many of you but then both seem transient and impermanent. Life consists of a series of failures and successes and joy and sorrow. If you weave a web of your own it can act as a very effective safety net during the times you experience your blues. When the odds are stacked against you, then a web woven by you over painstaking effort spanning months and years can help you in a big way.

Ultimately life is about accumulating good karma. Somehow it seems that though success can be elusive and happiness transient knowledge and skills once acquired are like habits. Tough to acquire and they stay with you forever. You may forget certain details but your experience forms an important inalienable aspect of your personality and you feel confident and knowledgeable.

We find that certain things in life do not go away with failures or losses. The knowledge sticks with us and helps us in a future occasion to succeed. As part of skill acquisition we also need to acquire good contacts. By good contacts, I mean sound relationships with other people.

We need the society to succeed. We give to society what we can and the society offers you its reward in its own way. We can help the world by using our skills, knowledge and hard work. At the same time we can also build great friendships and goodwill.

Usually you find that when success and money comes your way, friends and new relationships come automatically. I am not very interested in this sort of phony individuals.

I am more interested in genuine souls who stand by you in your deepest miseries as well as the dizzying heights of success. I am more interested in people who do not get jealous of your success and well being. Instead they feel proud of you and help you and protect you.

It is not easy to build goodwill. Building goodwill takes time. And a lot of hard work and cleverness. It is not easy to build the sort of contacts that genuinely love you and feel for you. It takes sincere effort from you and you have to go out of the way to help people.

In the world of technology we find that building powerful organizations that work in a cohesive close knit manner make a lot of money and are very successful. It is not just enough to have a web inside your company alone. You need to weave a web that is really wide and far.

You need a very powerful linkedin network. You need the kind of business contacts who can come to you when they are in need. You need to keep your customers happy and build a strong relationship with them to get repeat business. It is often found that the human touch goes a long way in keeping customers happy.

And this web needs to be built at a professional level as well as personal level. Only then success has meaning. Your net should work when you need it the most. The only way you can ensure that is by investing your time and efforts in building a strong network over a long period of time. Business is all about contacts and contacts are built by helping others. There is no other way to build contacts. You cannot build relationships with fun and parties. You have to give in order to get. Your contacts respect you because you are their equal and can help them in need.

Alongside building your technical expertise you should also look at building powerful contacts with people. Both are important for lasting success. And your web starts working as effectively as a spider web albeit in a totally different fashion.

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