How do I fix popups on Windows 7?

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Anonymous asks: Right now my most pressing problem is adware. I just got off a site where there were 4 or 5 popups going off constantly.

What is my best defense? I'm on windows 7.

Well, I'd like to tell you to get off Windows, but you won't do that. Assuming you are running Internet Explorer, see Internet Explorer Pop-up Blocker at Microsoft's site. That explains how to tell IE not to allow popups.

If you aren't using IE (good for you, by the way), Google for "popup blocker yourbrowser".

You may well have malware installed too and if so, you will need to do more. Microsoft recommends Windows Defender and there's nothing wrong with that, though I think Malware Bytes might be better. If Defender can't fix it, try Malware Bytes.

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