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Unixware 7.1.0 floppy needed

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Hi all,
I'm installing a unixware 7.1.0 software on a server to replace an older server. When i go to install the boot floppys the first disk reads fine. the second disk will not read. I downloaded the second disk boot image from the caldera ftp site but I get the same error. I downloaded the 7.1.1 images and they work fine so I know my rawrite and floppy are fine but I cant install 7.1.0 from 7.1.1 boot disks. I even recreated the disks from the first CD but the second disk still fails.

Does anyone have a 7.1.0 boot disk they can image for me?

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Sun Nov 9 11:46:33 2008: 4748   TonyLawrence

This is probably not a good place to ask. We never had a lor of interest in Unixware, so very few readers would be here.

I'd try posting at the comp.unix newsgroups.

Tue Nov 11 08:29:11 2008: 4764   RyderBrooks

Do you get this error?

"WARNING : FDC unexpected state"

If so, this might be of value to you:

I suspect you are actually running into a OS bug if you have a CPU speed greater than 1Ghz. There was a problem with 2nd floppy being properly read. A fix exists for 7.1.1, but I'm not sure if one was ever made for 7.10:


That you continue to have the problem even after recreating the 2nd disk suggests that this may be your issue. I think the issue is resolved in the 1st boot disk, so you might try booting from that, then using your already created 2nd 7.1.0 native boot disk and see if that helps.


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