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Is it possible to have two email accounts on the same Outlook?

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Anonymous asks:

Is it possible to have two email accounts on the same Outlook? One of our users needs to periodically check another's account.

With or without Kerio, yes, it's possible, though if it were me, I'd just forward one to the other, leaving the original. You could create an Outlook rule to store those messages in a different folder if you like.

If you really want two accounts, there are two ways to do it. One is simply to create another profile and switch to that when you want to use the other account. The other way lets you add multiple accounts to a single profile. That requires Outlook 2010 and Kerio 8.3 or newer and manual configuration of the additional accounts. Kerio has a KB article that covers all that.

Adding multiple accounts in a single profile in Microsoft Outlook

Manually creating profiles in MS Outlook

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-> Is it possible to have two email accounts on the same Outlook?

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