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Why should I trust The Cloud?

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Anonymous asks:

Why should I trust The Cloud? There is no cloud, it's just a computer that's located somewhere else!

Well, technically that "just a computer" part may not be true. For example, if you are using a service like Gmail or Office 365, it's not just one computer that provides the service. Your data is mirrored to other computers and they might be located on the other side of the world from each other. That's true for many web sites, too, even very small ones.

Also, those computers are usually far more protected from mishap than anything you own. They'll have redundant internet access, generators for backup power and be physically protected too.

But, yeah, I get it: you don't like letting go. You'd rather have local control. I feel the same way, but in today's world, you are either going to use the cloud to some extent or be content with lesser performance and capability. That's reality.

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