How can I stop people from using Reply-All?

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We have a distribution list that covers all of our 1,000+ employees. I tell people not to use Reply-All, but they sometimes forget. How can I prevent that?

So I guess people forget to use the BCC field when creating? If you did that, there wouldn't be an "All" to reply to. But if you cannot train people to do that, you will get these at times.

There are client specific ways to stop Reply-All, but if you can't control the clients, that won't help.

However, you don't need to use a distribution list. A distribution list expands to the names it contains, which causes the potential problem. You could use a Group, but then people just reply to the group, so that doesn't help.

Using a Kerio Mailing list can solve this because you can set a Reply-to address or moderate replies if you do want to allow some full replies. That may mean extra work for someone, of course.

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How can I stop people using reply all messages I send them

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