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Questions on ssh

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I am new to SCO as of 6 months ago, but am picking up fast. I consider myself somewhat fluent to SCO but am having troubles on one particular issue. I help support a number of sites with SCO 5.0.5/6/7 I was not aware at the time that 5.0.7 included SSH during install and thus I automatically installed the package I had ftp'd to the machine. I have never been able to get SSH to connect between this SCO 5.0.7 machine and a RH4 machine. I know that the 5.0.7 included SSH version is called from sd and seems to use a different # generator other than the prngd I installed with my version. The SSH I installed on top of the current one would be called from /usr/local/sbin/sshd rather than the /usr/bin/sd sshd....

My question is this:

When I learned that 5.0.7 already had SSH installed, I immediately uninstalled MY version. Would this have deleted any files that the included version needed? What do I need to do to restore/reinstall the included version? I am not sure what version was originally installed with 5.0.7 but if I redownloded that version from an ftp site would it restore exactly as it was installed with SCO?

I just remoted into another site and the 3 packages I normally use for SSH installes are:
OpenSSH 3.1p1
prngd 0.9.23
zlib 1.1.4

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Wed Oct 8 11:53:36 2008: 4628   TonyLawrence

Yeah, I'd guess that is your problem, but it should be easy to fix.

Put your original SCO CD in the drive and run "custom". Drill down into the Openserver software to the "Connectivity" section to find ssh. Reinstall it. I expect that should fix things up.

I'd also uninstall and reinstall the 5.0.7 patch supplements - I don't know for sure that ssh components are involved but I expect that they are.

Wed Oct 8 15:27:23 2008: 4629   BigDumbDinosaur

I have never been able to get SSH to connect between this SCO 5.0.7 machine and a RH4 machine.

Do both machines agree on the port being used to communicate? Port 22 is the default, but not necessarily what was configured at one end. I routinely set up the systems I maintain to ssh on an alternate (dynamic) port, both to discourage dictionary attacks and to protect the system in case a buffer overrun or similar results in the attacker somehow getting in without authentication. If ssh is listening on a dynamic port privilege escalation is more difficult to achieve.

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