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Printing from Solaris to Windows

© February 2008 Terry

Terry asks:

Problem: Trying to remote print from Solaris 10 x86 pc to a pc with usb printer (hp psc2355).

The nova box is a solaris x86 box with text files that show up in lpstat -o , but do not showup in the solaris print manager. If i make a network queue they will show up in the queue and lpstat -o. In both cases i get an error msg that blackhawk is not responding and then the queues will retry every so often. I created the filter files as mentioned in your documentation:

"blackhawk" is a win xp pro pc box that never receives the text files sent. Each pc can ping the other. What might i be doing wrong here? Your help is greatly appreciated.

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-> Printing to Windows lpd from Solaris


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Fri Feb 1 17:53:59 2008: 3565   TonyLawrence

My first question is whether the Windows LPD is really running - can you telnet to port 515?

Fri Feb 1 18:26:25 2008: 3566   TonyLawrence

Also the filters that other article suggests are just extras.. to test printing, I'd just create a straight lpd printer. If that works, you can get more fancy.

Fri Feb 1 18:33:12 2008: 3567   TonyLawrence

And of course that printer needs to be a "real" printer too - not some cheap GDI model.

Fri Feb 1 19:34:19 2008: 3569   Terry

from nova - telnet blackhawk 515 does not connect (blackhawk is pc print server)
from nova - telnet nova 515 connects (nova is solaris x86 box)

Tryed to stop/start printer spooler, which restarts tcp/ip print server. What else can keep LPD from running on pc ?

Fri Feb 1 19:37:23 2008: 3570   TonyLawrence

Firewall on the PC?

Fri Feb 1 21:07:24 2008: 3572   Terry

ok, checked and found tcp/ip printer spooler was not started. so i started it. then checked for window firewall. it was on, so i shut it off. ran a test print that went from solaris box to the pc box, yahoo. So now i get garbage output on maybe two lines then it ejects several sheets of paper. So i comment out entries in /etc/printcap, then rebooted and no change in text. i am using the generic text with a usb port. Are there any special considerations for a multi capable printer like my HP printer/scanner/copier PSC 2355 or the way i define the windows printer ?

Fri Feb 1 21:17:45 2008: 3574   TonyLawrence

I can't help you with the printer's requirements, sorry. If the job is getting there, Solaris is doing its job.

It does sound like it needs CR/LF translation at least.

I noticed at HP's site that they have a Mac OS X "driver". As Mac OS X uses Cups, it's probably *possible* to extract that and use it on Solaris - might help.. if it does work, possibly the smart way would be to hook it up to the Solaris box if possible, share it there with Samba, and let windows send to that?

Fri Feb 1 21:20:44 2008: 3575   TonyLawrence

Oh - I doubt that you can use "generic text" for the driver with that..


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