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Is a 16GB iPad/iPhone sufficient?

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Anonymous asks:

Is a 16GB iPad/iPhone sufficient? The salesperson said I should do at least 32GB.

When I bought my first iPad I went to the limit - 64GB. I figured better safe than sorry.

When I bought my second iPad, it was a 16GB iPad 2 model and I'm still using that. It has 10GB free right now.

That said, it does require some work to do that. First, almost everthing I do is in the cloud. For example, all of my photos are in Google Photos and are deleted from my phone or iPad right after they are synced to Google. Nor do I have a lot of apps.

Finally, crud builds up. I regularly delete and reinstall apps that seem to be using too much data. Additionally, I have sometimes had to do a complete reset of content and data followed by manual reinstall of apps. I did that recently with my iPad and picked up 5GB of space.

So yes, you can live with the base models, but it will take more work.

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-> Is a 16GB iPad/iPhone sufficient?

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