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OpenServer 5.0.7 reboots itself

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I have a server that reboots itself every morning and sets the time to 12:00 CT, which ntp then corrects. I've checked the crontab and at jobs. The syslog and messages files have no logging other than the standard system start up messages.

Has anyone seen this situation before or have any other ideas?

Thanx ... Dave

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Sun Oct 26 13:28:48 2008: 4691   TonyLawrence

Really there are only a few possibilities:

Someone or something is rebooting you.

It's possible that this is a system crash; if you don't have

PANICBOOT=NO in /etc/default. boot, you wouldn't know.

(see "man F boot" or (link) )

Also see (link) and

Sun Oct 26 14:12:47 2008: 4692   MarcFarnumRendino

1st thought is that it's in response to some failure

2nd thought: during that timeframe, turn up logging and log to another host

Sun Oct 26 15:18:47 2008: 4693   BigDumbDinosaur

Check the BIOS settings to make sure hardware standby features have not been enabled. If this machine is more than a few years old, it might be a victim of a weak CMOS battery, which could explain the time reset.

You mentioned the startup messages in syslog but didn't mention what was logged immediately before the reboot. Some clues may lie there. A normal reboot (that is, one not caused by power failure or someone pressing the reset button) should log various shutdown messages as services are stopped. Also, check /etc/rc0.d/messages for shutdown messages that were logged as the server went down. The time stamp on each file thus found may help you as well.

Wed Oct 31 20:58:10 2012: 11413   StevenSeltzer


My Acer G500 in service for years stopped in the middle of booting (at Loading kernel bss) and quit with a dark screen, no message. This was after a power failure. I tried everything I knew, but to no avail. My technician was ready to replace the motherboard, but first he checked the CMOS settings. He found the date had reset back to January 2002, probably from a dead battery on the motherboard. After he saved the restored date, the system booted normally.

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