Where can I get a hexadecimal or binary calculator?

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Anonymous asks:

Where can I get a hexadecimal or binary calculator that will help me manage hex and binary numbers?

Do you mean like this?

Mac OS Programmer's Calculator (CMD+3 to switch to this from standard calculator)

That's just the standard Calculator App on Mac OS X after hitting Command+3. The standard Windows 7/8 calculator has a very similar switching capability.

On Linux, most people recommand qalculate.

There is a whole pile of choices on Android - just Google!

There are also many listed in the IOS App store, but Pcalc seems to be the clear leader. You can add a $2.99 Programmer Pack to the free Lite Version or get the full version (which includes that and more) for $9.99.

Qalculate is a Powerful Calculator For Linux

The Calculator in Windows 7 & Windows 8 - A Tool for the Geek in You!

Switch Between Three Calculators on OS X with a Keyboard Shortcut

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