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loss of data while ftp using NET::FTP in perl.

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Author: prapanna
Date: Wed Mar 22 20:27:36 2006
Subject: loss of data while ftp using NET::FTP in perl.

I have a simple script which does login, cwd and get - for a tar.gz file. But if file size goes beyond some limit, the resulting file seems to loose a few 100 bytes.

On FTP server: 12685981 Mar 22 11:50 test.tgz
File pulled using per: 12685778 Mar 22 12:02 test.tgz

Not sure where I am going wrong. I would appreciate if you could give some pointers. Thanks.


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-> -> loss of data while ftp using NET::FTP in perl.


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Wed Mar 22 22:14:52 2006: 1809   TonyLawrence

Did you set BINARY mode?

Thu Mar 23 18:58:09 2006: 1813   prapanna

Yes. Here's the script:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
use Net::FTP;
my $ftp = Net::FTP->new("ftp.mydomain.com") or die "\nINFO: Cann't connect";
$ftp->login("myid","mypasswd") or die "\nINFO: Failed to login";
print "\nINFO: Login successful. Now getting...";
$ftp->cwd("mydir") or die "\nINFO: Couldn't change directory\n";
print "\ndone\n";

I also tried it without binary. But the problem persists. BTW, the 'put' for the same tarball goes thru perfectly fine.

Thu Jun 8 15:52:06 2006: 2083   anonymous

We saw the similar issue in our application. This was caused due to the link speed was reduced from 100mbps to 10mbps.

May be you would like to check on your link speed.

Wed Jun 21 22:47:00 2006: 2141   anonymous

the problem is that you are calling the binary method before authenticating with the ftp server...so you are really using ascii

move the binary line below the login line and you should be fine

Wed Jun 21 23:03:27 2006: 2142   TonyLawrence

Good catch!


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