All my Outlook rules went missing!

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Anonymous asks:

All my Outlook rules went missing, but weirdly they seem to still be working!

No, your Outlook rules aren't missing - you never had any. With Kerio Connect Mail Server, there are actually three places you can define rules for incoming mail. One is obviously within Outlook itself. Another is global server side rules that apply to all users.

The last is within Webmail and that sometimes confuses Outlook users because they don't realize that Webmail rules take effect even when you are not using Kerio Webmail. Rules you define in the webmail interface are in force for all incoming mail, even if you never use Webmail again.

That's what happened here. He had defined rules in Webmail but thought they were defined in Outlook. When he wanted to change on of the rules, he looked in Outlook and found nothing. He needed to login to Webmail to see and edit his rules.

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