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SCO 5.0.5 media needed

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Date: Sun Oct 19 2008

We run a very old sco server and need to re-install (once every ten years;-)

Unfortunately, even if my licences are okay, the CD is missing in the dusty box.

I contacted SCO with no luck, the product is discontinued
Maybe someone here could help me with providing an iso image
thank you in advance

Note from Tony Lawrence August 2009:

I do have a zipped image of 5.05 media.

If you'll send me an email, I'll make arrangements to get it to you.

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-> Finding Install Media for SCO 5.0.5


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Sun Oct 19 11:11:28 2008: 4657   TonyLawrence

I threw all that stuff out a few years ago. You do see this stuff on E-Bay now and then.

Another thought is to use Microlite Edge or Lonetar to make bare-metal restorable backups. See "Transferring to new hardware with a Supertar" at (link)

Sun Oct 19 11:14:42 2008: 4658   TonyLawrence

And I'd also suggest posting at comp.unix.sco.misc

Mon Oct 20 14:21:17 2008: 4665   BigDumbDinosaur

I may still have the 5.0.5 media around here -- I'm a bit of a pack-rat in that regard. I'll search the dungeon (closet under the stairs) and see what I can see. The question will be how to get copies into your hands.

Tue Oct 21 18:10:30 2008: 4675   anonymous

Try pulling it from here:


Tue Oct 21 18:39:01 2008: 4676   TonyLawrence

Nothing there..

Wed Oct 22 04:30:29 2008: 4678   anonymous

It's there. You just can't browse the directory.

Wed Oct 22 12:48:57 2008: 4679   qube001

It's here!
Nice shot!

thank you

Mon Aug 31 10:25:54 2009: 6822   antoon


Currently I have the same problem as qube.

I have to re-install sco server - and same as qube licences are okay, and one of the cd`s is missing.

I`ve tried with the server mentioned below but the file is already gone frome there.
If there is some possibility of putting this image again on this ftp (or any other) I will be very grateful for helping me with my issue.

Thanks in advance

Mon Aug 31 10:44:32 2009: 6824   TonyLawrence

I do have a zipped image.

If you'll send me an email, I'll make arrangements to get it to you.

Mon Aug 31 11:52:17 2009: 6825   antoon

Here is my office adress: [email protected]
It will be really big help for me if you will be able to provide me this media anyhow...

Tue Oct 27 19:16:25 2009: 7364   anonymous

is that possible to get the software media for SCO 5.X.X

Tue Oct 27 19:22:04 2009: 7365   TonyLawrence


Is it possible for you to send me a check for $xyz.XX ?

Is it possible for you to call me at xyz-xyz-xyzX ?

If not, send me email at [email protected] and we'll take care of xyzX within xyz days.


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