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SCO Compiling error

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mkdev tape - recompiling kernel error

On an hp Netserver Lc3 server (SCO 5.0.5) I'm trying to reconfigure the backup device using "mkdev tape" but at the end of the wizard I'm returned the following "recompiling kernel error"

"You must create a new kernel to effect the driver change you specified. 
Do you wish to create a new kernel now? (y/n) y 
       The UNIX Operating System will now be rebuilt.
       This will take a few minutes.  Please wait. 
       Root for this system build is / 
undefined                       first referenced 
 symbol                             in file 
eisa_read_slot                      /var/opt/K/SCO/link/1.1.1Eb/etc/conf/pack.d/arad/Driver.o 
i386ld fatal: Symbol referencing errors. No output written to unix 
ERROR: Can not link-edit unix 
idbuild: idmkunix had errors. 
System build failed. 
Error: Kernel link failed." 

Could you help me please how to exceed this error?

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Thu Apr 17 11:30:21 2008: 4045   TonyLawrence

See the article here on kernel errors. (link)

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