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We migrated from Sco OpenServer 5.0 and Informix 7.20 to Sco Open Server 6.0 and Informix 7.32. When we compile programs with Window declaration, it can not execute but terminates the application. We have checked the terminal type which is, at386-ie. When we made changes to my .profile i.e.

eval `tset -m at386-ie:at386-ie -m vt100:vt100 
 -m ansi:${TERM:-ansi} -m :\?${TERM:-ansi} 
  -e -r -s -Q` 

the initial setting being:

eval `tset -m scoansi:${TERM:-scoansi} -m :\?${TERM:-scoansi} 
  -r -s -Q`

All these do not seem to bear expected results. Because we expect a menu like this:

|PPSystem:   Payroll  peRsonnel  SDF  Quit                            |
|Select Payroll System Functions                                      |

Which is not coming.

In the /etc, the ttytpe entry have the following entries:

at386-ie console
at386-ie syscon
at386-ie systty
at386-ie tty01
at386-ie tty02
at386-ie tty03
at386-ie tty04
at386-ie tty05
at386-ie tty06
at386-ie tty07
at386-ie tty08
at386-ie tty09
at386-ie tty10
at386-ie tty11
at386-ie tty12
unknown  tty1a
unknown  tty2a
dialup   ttyp0
dialup   ttyp1
dialup   ttyp2
dialup   ttyp3
dialup   ttyp4
dialup   ttyp5
dialup   ttyp6
dialup   ttyp7

The following program runs and executes:

DATABASE "/srs-prps/ppsys/phaseI/ppdb"
        DEFINE ans CHAR(1)
        DEFINE pline INTEGER
        DEFINE flag CHAR(1),
               w_authorized      SMALLINT,
               w_userid          LIKE userrec.userid
        LET pline = 7
        WHILE pline <> 10
   ###         DISPLAY "Rows = 7, PROMPT LINE is set to ", pline at 2, 6
   ###         PROMPT "123456789012345678901234567890abcdef" FOR CHAR ans
   ###         CLOSE WINDOW wdw
            LET pline = pline + 1
            display " loop  ", pline
   ###         OPTIONS PROMPT LINE pline
        END WHILE
  LET w_userid = FGL_GETENV("LOGNAME")
    INTO w_authorized
    FROM userrec
   WHERE userid = w_userid
  ###  DISPLAY "Rows = 7, PROMPT LINE is set to ", pline  at 2, 6
    display "Reached Here "
    display pline
    display w_userid
    sleep 6

But when the comments are removed, it crashes and dumps. When we run run on the server itself we got error -1135. We tried to run this :

 case "$1" in   
            # change console term type
            defadm coterm TERM=ansi
            sed -e 's/^at386-ie/ansi/' < /etc/ttytype > /etc/ttytype.$$
            cp /etc/ttytype.$$ /etc/ttytype
            rm -f /etc/ttytype.$$

            # change console font
            defadm cofont COFONT=pc850

            # remap function keys
            [ -f /usr/lib/keyboard/strings.d/at386-ie ] || \
              cp /usr/lib/keyboard/strings /usr/lib/keyboard/strings.d/at386-ie
            cp -f /usr/lib/keyboard/strings.d/ansi /usr/lib/keyboard/strings


But this did'nt seem to work. It came up with :

UX:pcfont: ERROR: pcfont can only be run from a virtual terminal
UX:pcfont: ERROR: on a graphics workstation
mapstr: cannot put key strings: Invalid argument

I renamed the termcap in "/etc/termcap" and "/u/informix/etc/termcap" and copied these files from Sco Openserver 5. Since I am not quite competent to handle these files, I did not want to take chances and mess up.

When I compiled, using our terminal emulator, "EWAN", the program exited and terminated the application. I went and logged on the server and re-compiled and run the program and it displayed the following:

Program Stopped at "Wintest.4gl", line 24

which is:

DISPLAY "Rows = 7, PROMPT LINE is set to ", pline  at 5, 3
error number -1135
The row or column number in DISPLAY AT exceeds the limits of your terminal

What I noticed though, is that there was no core dump this time as was the case previously.

Other than the termcap, we have the following settings:

Internal Codeset        Console Codeset
ISO8859-1                IBM850

I wonder if the font type and size would be an issue. If I have to make changes to the termcap, what are these changes ? I have looked at the code, I can't easily work my way around.

What would be the correct console terminal settings for our version or could it be something else ?

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Wed Apr 2 12:18:12 2008: 3934   TonyLawrence

I don't know anything about OSR6 (and honestly don't WANT to know anything!) but perhaps someone reading can offer some clue.

Sun Dec 27 09:19:12 2009: 7826   FrancoisDenommee


SCO has a TA #126154 available, on sco web site, under support --> knowledge center, "My legacy SCO OpenServer 5, SCO Unix and SCO Xenix applications are not displaying correctly on the OpenServer 6 console" . Sorry, this comment window does not allow to provide the exact link.

Sun Dec 27 12:08:35 2009: 7827   TonyLawrence


You can add the link:


Probably you just didn't have enough text with it - the spam checker here doesn't like links without much accomanying text.

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