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Install Unixware and preserve filesystems?

© April 2008 Brian Mutero
Brian Mutero

I have a SCO UnixWare 7.1.1 server which is running Oracle 9i. It is using Raid 5 and has one UNIX Partition. During installation, I accepted the standard Filesytem proposal, and enabled the /home and /home2 filesystems where my database application, and the actual database currently reside. The root filesystem is now corrupt, and the system will not boot. I believe that the /home and /home2 filesystems are still intact. Is there anyway that I can install a fresh copy of Unixware whilst preserving the /home and /home2 filesystems? This process is easy when done using SCO OpenServer 5.0.x's "Interactive fdisk/divvy" option.

Point to note, I don't have any emergency boot disks, and my raid controller does not come standard on Unixware. I have to load the HBA disk during installation.

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-> Can Unixware preserve filesystems during install?


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Tue Apr 1 10:35:36 2008: 3927   TonyLawrence


I don't recall the details of Unixware installs at all so do not know if this is an option.

However, you can certainly install on a fresh drive and then mount this as a secondary to copy data.

Tue Apr 5 11:07:24 2011: 9425   anonymous


Recently I installed vmware workstation and ran a preinstalled Unixware 7 image and was quite impressed. Having used SCO Openserver before I was disappointed at not finding the KDE environment in Unixware. Unixware was at version 2 something when SCO bought it from Novell and packaged it with Openserver 5 and released SCO Unixware ver 7 something many years back. Unavailability of compatible hardware and limited vendors manufacturing SCO certified products has almost forced their products out of the reach of the ordinary user. Only two laptop vendors Asus and Toshiba manufacture SCO certified hardware on which you can install Openserver or Unixware without having to search for compatible display or sound card drivers. However there are many manufacturers of SCO workstation and server hardware and there are many models with different configurations to chose from as the multi cpu server is the intended platform for SCO products.


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