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How do I see what was actually delivered by Kerio Mailing Lists?

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Anonymous asks:

I have a question about Kerio Mailing Lists. How do I see the data from them? Like what was delivered and possibly opened? Is there anyway to verify that they all went out?

You have to examine your log files to see what went out and when. A perl script wouldn't be hard. You CAN be notified of delivery errors, but there is no foolproof way to tell if email was opened. As with any email, you can embed pictures linking back to your site, or request read receipt, but there is absolutely no guarantee the receiving end will honor your request or open a picture. See How to Know If Your Email Has Been Read and similar things you can find by Googling, but NONE OF THOSE ABSOLUTELY WORK. None - there is no absolute sure fire method of tracking your email reciepts. The recieving end can choose not to respond to receipt requests, can choose not to open your embedded picture and so on.

Kerio mailing list delivery error notifications

So, other than logs and delivery errors, there's nothing you can be certain of.

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