How do I fix iTunes access?

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Anonymous asks:

Problem with ITunes .. I have an account with iTunes on a PC as well as on my iPhone and iPad . iTunes has shut me off on the PC but not the on the Apple products.

They said I have used up my 5 times access to iTunes from the PC. I have money in the account??

Although it's a little confusing when you don't say exactly what the error said, I'm pretty sure what happened here is that you have authorized more than the PC, the iPhone and the iPad. Apple only lets you authorize 5 devices, so if you want to use the PC, you need to deauthorize something else.

Unfortunately, that can get nasty if you don't have the computer any more. Apple says:

Before you can deauthorize a computer, you need to sign into iTunes on a computer. You can't use your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


Authorized devices

Fortunately, you can flat out deauthorize everything and then reauthorize each device as you get to them.

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