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My iPad can't get email!

© September 2015 Anthony Lawrence

A neighbor asks:

My iPad can't get email! Scrabble also has stopped working. I can't send email or receive it, can't send or receive texts, I keep getting messages that my passwords are incorrect, and that I'm running out of disk space. I've tried to eliminate apps that I don't use but I still get that message.

As this was a neighbor, I stopped by to look at this myself. I was briefly thrown off by that "password incorrect" problem. She uses Verizon for mail and they screw things up fairly often, so I thought that might be worth looking at first.

Of course you should never, ever use your ISP for mail. Get a Gmail account or Yahoo or even AOL, but do not use Verizon, Comcast or any other ISP. Why? Because you may switch to some other ISP and there goes your email address! You won't be able to use it anymore.

Anyway, I looked at her account setup and it all seemed right except that it was set for a POP account. That's dumb, but it turns out that Verizon stupidly only supports POP now! Their stated reason is to cut down on their storage needs. Did they forgot that many of us need to use email on multiple devices and will set POP to leave the messages on the server for that reason? I guess that's another reason not to use Verizon!

So next I looked at her available space and that was very, very low. That would explain mail and Scrabble not working - there was no space to store anything. Mail was misinterpreting the error as a wrong password, which is pretty bad programming, but there it is: Apple never has done a good job with email.

So where was the space? It was in Photos. That's what was clogging up the works.

To fix that, I had her delete enough photos to give me enough room to install Google Photos. After setting that up and having it sync, we could safely delete more and free up plenty of space. Mail and Scrabble immediately began working again and her photos are now in Google and not clogging her iPad.

If you do this, don't forget that you also have to go into "Recently Deleted" in Photos and flush those out before you get your space back.

You could also do this with Apple's photo cloud sync, but they don't give you as much free storage as Google does.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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