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SCO Openserver 6 hang on crontab init 6

© October 2008 Greg

We have some HP ML350's running SCO Openserver 6.0. We have a entry in the crontab to reboot the server nightly to "clean" the system up from runaway processes. This is it:

0 2 * * 1-6 /etc/init 6

Sometimes the server will go down and stop right before the message "NIS Shutdown..."
Other times the server will reboot as normal. What would cause it to hang at that location everytime it freezes. If I pull the network cable out I get a message on the screen, I also get one when I plug the cable back in.

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-> Sco OpenServer 6 System hangs


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Tue Oct 28 15:42:56 2008: 4698   TonyLawrence

I have a few comments.

First, you may not get much help here with SCO 6. Most of us gave up on SCO some time ago and moved on to Linux. I have zero SCO 6 customers and wouldn't advise anyone to use it.

It's quite normal and expected to get a message when you unplug the network.

It's very wrong to be cleaning out "runaway processes" by rebooting. Track 'em down and kill them. Or better yet, don't let them "run away" to start with.

I'd suspect that this is hanging at NIS because some network resource isn't unmounting, but again: I know nothing about OSR6 (and don't want to know anything about it!)

Wed Oct 29 13:47:55 2008: 4699   BigDumbDinosaur

During shutdown on OSR5, prc_sync is used to prevent a stuck process from bringing the shutdown procedure to a halt. prc_sync waits up to 120 seconds for a process to complete, after which it kills it. prc_sync also writes a log into /etc/rc0.d/messages. OSR6 might follow the same procedure.

Like Tony, I haven't looked at OSR6 at all and don't plan to do so. We have only two clients left on SCO, both due to middleware issues. I can't imagine at this point in time why anyone would give SCO the time of day, let alone any business.


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