How do I (just about anything)?

Ask me anything!

At one time I let people post in a Forum here and answered troubleshooting issues. That quickly got taken over by idiot spammers, so I shut it down.

The idea was good though. You have questions, I probably have answers, with or without a wise-crack. So I'm reinstating that, but we are doing it through email.

Be sure to put "Forum" in the subject and to tell me whether or not to make you anonymous.

Ask away. Let's see what happens!

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Note: please don't ask questions about SCO Unix without checking the many resources available at this site.

I cannot answer any questions about SCO Unix Version 6.

Questions accepted as Forum questions may not be answered for several weeks. If you need a quick answer, see Technical Support and Service Rates.

Got something to add? Send me email.

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