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Text File Extraction

© June 2006 dzkil

Author: dzkil
Date: Fri Jun 23 14:32:07 2006
Subject: Text File Extraction

I have a box running SCO OpenServer 5.0.6. I've been able to locate the file I wish to extract, but the extraction is causing me pain. After reading the articles, and attempting to replicate other suggestions, I simply cannot pull off the text file. Here is what I've tried:

1. ifconfig and only the lo0 interface shows up though an ethernet adapter is installed on the motherboard. it would have been nice (and easier) to allow the OS to capture an IP from the DHCP server and then I could copy the file to the network. I am unsure how to bring up the interface (besides ifconfig en0 up) because it seems even the hardware isn't being recognized.

2. copying the file to a 1.44 mb diskette. this failed. it returned the error message "tape write error" for multiple instances or different diskettes.

Please advise, as I do not know much about the OS, or further, how to troubleshoot this issue.

Thank you,

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Fri Jun 23 14:40:10 2006: 2151   TonyLawrence


Network cards are not added automatically. Run "netconfig" to add the card. If you are running a recent version, it can use DHCP. Older versions will require manual ip config, but that's right in netconfig.

PCI cards should be identified automatically when you add a lan card with netconfig. If it does not, see the network configuration section of (link)

How did you attempt to copy to floppy? Did you read (link)

Sat Jun 24 17:11:22 2006: 2160   BigDumbDinosaur

PCI cards should be identified automatically when you add a lan card with
netconfig. If it does not, see the network configuration section of

Also, are you certain the NIC has an OSR 5.0.6-compatible driver loaded? You shouldn't assume that the NIC is supported just because it's a well-known brand. Speaking of brands, IMPI, the only brand of NIC to use with anything SCO is 3Com (3C905 series).

Also, is the card being recognized by the machine's BIOS at boot time? You should be able to determine that by reading the system configuration screen that is displayed following POST (press the Pause key to stall the system if necessary so you can peruse the sysconfig screen before the Boot: prompt appears). If not, run the BIOS setup, locate the function to clear ESCD, enable it and then exit-with-save from the BIOS. When the system restarts, all notions about what was plugged into the PCI slots will be erased and rebuilt from scratch.

If, after doing all this, you still don't see the NIC listed as a PCI device, you either have a bad NIC (more common than you might think), a system resource allocation error due to a bug in the BIOS (flashing the BIOS might help here) or a flaky PCI slot, a problem that usually shows up in the last (bottom) slot due to design errors in the motherboard itself (ABIT boards come to mind). Speaking of slot usage, don't plug the NIC into the PCI slot immediately adjacent to the AGP video adapter slot. The two slots are wired to the same interrupt line on the board's PIC (programmable interrupt controller). If a NIC is plugged into that PCI slot it will have to share its interrupt with the video adapter, which almost always causes system instability. AGP cards (and some NIC's) are notorious for not gracefully handling shared interrupts. In a few cases, the NIC may be capable of properly handling a shared interrupt but its driver may not.

Sat Jun 24 21:59:04 2006: 2162   TonyLawrence

By "listed" we do not mean the list of several dozen cards that will come up when it doesn't see a PCI. A PCI card should pop up by itself after you say Add a Lan adaptor - if it doesn't, you don't have the right driver - see (link) for that.

Sat Jun 24 22:01:32 2006: 2163   TonyLawrence

And if all else fails see


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