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Dual Boot Vista

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Brian Mutero

Can I dual-boot SCO OpenServer and Windows VISTA? I'm used the the good old "type dos" at the boot prompt, but that has let me down. Any ideas?

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Wed Feb 27 17:32:24 2008: 3718   TonyLawrence

I don't know a thing about how Vista is partitioned - so can't advise other than suggesting that you put SCO inside a VMware instance, but perhaps someone else here knows more.

Wed Feb 27 17:46:31 2008: 3719   TonyLawrence

By the way: you did try "bootos" with its partition number, right?

Wed Feb 27 18:34:24 2008: 3720   rbailin

Vista has its own bcd boot loader that's "new & improved" over the one found in Windows XP, Server 2003 and earlier versions of NT. But it's all irrelevant, and you should be able to use bootos {partition #} from the boot prompt. As usual, the partition numbers in OSR's fdisk may not agree with Windows' fdisk or diskpart utilities, but then there are only 4 possibilities.

And finally, as has always been the case since MS-DOS, install Vista first and OSR second. OSR will and should be the "active" partition.


Thu Feb 28 15:53:12 2008: 3725   anonymous

A dual boot Vista/SCO must deserve some prize for combining two awful operating systems?

Thu Feb 28 17:22:54 2008: 3727   anonymous

VMware is probably a better alternative than dual-boot, & it gives you more portability options. Who says SCO is an awful operating system? It's not bad, just showing it's age. For many years it was king of the hill in the x86 UNIX world. Vista truly sucks, SCO is just old & owned by a sick & twisted corporation.

Thu Feb 28 20:35:48 2008: 3728   TonyLawrence

True: it's only "awful" because it's old..

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