How can I carry forward unused money in Mint?

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How can I carry forward unused money in Mint? Mint doesn't let you carry Income forward.

Any other Mint accounts can carry forward money you don't spend, but there is nothing to carry truly unused and unbudgeted income.

One solution is to create a "Carried" account and adjust it whatever "Left Over" shows on the Budgets tab. Have that account start each month with anything left in it. From now on, anytime you need to change that amount because of extra income or a new budget category, do it by adding a transaction manually to draw from or add to that account. Or just put anything extra directly into that account. This should then always show "extra" money.

However, should you enter deficit spending, this becomes less useful and more confusing.

You can just go by the Net Income Over Time in Trends. Over a long enough period, this does show if you are gaining or losing money, but when your income is variable, it also can be confusing.

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