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Openserver 5.0.5 and gigabit controllers

© February 2006 bosco555

Author: bosco555
Date: Sun Feb 5 02:38:53 2006

Subject: Openserver 5.0.5 and gigabit controllers

Hi all,

does o.s 5.0.5 support gigabit?



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-> osr5 gigabit

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Sun Feb 5 13:23:52 2006: 1605   TonyLawrence

"support"? Sure, why not?

But does it have drivers for the unmentioned card you want to use? Who knows? Look at ftp://ftp.sco.com/pub/drivers/ and check with the manufacturer. If you can find a driver, great. If not, you are out of luck, though it's quite possible that a driver listed as 5.0.6 *might* work on your older version.

If you just want any old gigabit card, use Google: "sco gigabit driver" will surely turn up plenty. Typing "gigabit" into the search box on this page will also. Did you do any of that?


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