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Questions on Vnc and bootstrings

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(Phil has two issues):


Has anyone compiled x11vnc for Openserver 5.0.5? I'm having a million problems trying to compile. If anyone has a binary please let me know.


I have a SCO 5.0.5 box that does not have a physical floppy disk. If I setup the BIOS to pretend there is a floppy the system boots fine, when I remove the floppy from the BIOS the system will not boot. I've read that issuing hd(40)unix at boot: first searches the floppy - I think this is why its failing. Is there any boot: command I can issue to skip searching for the floppy?

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-> Questions on Vnc and bootstrings


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Fri Aug 8 10:16:03 2008: 4476   TonyLawrence

You are very confused about something.

It's your BIOS that controls boot order, not SCO. The normal setting might try to boot from floppy first but then continue to hard drives. If it is not continuing, your bios is messed up somewhere.

Fri Aug 8 10:23:34 2008: 4477   TonyLawrence

I'm assuming you looked on Skunkware and Googled?

I see tightvnc at ftp://ftp2.sco.com/pub/skunkware/osr5/vols/

Mon Aug 11 03:57:05 2008: 4481   BigDumbDinosaur

Set the BIOS to boot from the boot hard disk, disable booting from all other sources (e.g., floppy or CD drive) and tell the BIOS there is no floppy installed. If this doesn't work as expected, reflash the BIOS, get a different motherboard or install a floppy disk. They're still useful, especially if the hard disk's MBR is messed up but an otherwise valid partition table exists. There's no rocket science to this!

Tue Aug 12 10:37:30 2008: 4483   Phil

Thanks for the replies.

x11vnc - I have a need to 'mirror' and existing session in the way that 'Windows' does vnc. TightVNC creates a new session so can't use it. I now have it compiling by stripping out a lot of options but I still have a problem shifting it from a 5.0.7 box to a 5.0.5 - gives me a floating point - core dump. Am now trying to build on a 5.0.5 box.

Booting - bit of background, I'm trying to put an image of another SCO box onto an embedded box. The embedded box itself has its own BIOS file, the BIOS doesn't list a floppy at all because the box doesn't expose a floppy disk. Its set to boot from HDD etc. SCO will not boot with this BIOS installed, it just hangs at the Boot: prompt.
The embedded box has a single board computer inside it, I obtained the BIOS specifically for the SBC and it has settings in it for a floppy disk because the SBC has a floppy connector on it, its just not connected to anything within the embedded computer. If I set the BIOS to not have a 3.5" floppy SCO will still not boot, but if I enable the floppy it does boot.
This is why I'm thinking that because its been 'ghosted' from a machine that had a floppy to one that doesn't maybe the boot of SCO is looking for a floppy and locking up when it can't find it.


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