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Dropping to command line

Author: anonymous
Date: Tue Mar 29 23:56:25 2005

Subject: Dropping to command line

When you boot up the sco box you end up with a gui login. Is there a hotkey to drop that down to the command line login? I need access to the command line on virtual console 2 as a different user, but it can only login on 2 via command line login


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Wed Mar 30 12:05:52 2005: 249   TonyLawrence

Same as it is in Linux: CTRL-ALT-Function-Key. On SCO, the gui is at F2 by default. Read (link) also

Wed Mar 30 13:42:35 2005: 253   TonyLawrence

But reading that again, I really have no idea what you are really asking.. what you wrote is a bit confusing.. please clarify what you really mean.

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