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perl help

© September 2006 anonymous

Author: anonymous
Date: Thu Sep 21 09:30:32 2006
Subject: perl help
     I am going through following problem. 
Let me explain you.... 
 I have to extarct information from the file... 
lets file is x.v 
   module x; 
   module y; 
I am extracting information from the file and creating a hash map. 
I need to store.. 
{module name} = pattern content... 
here I will be like this 
hashmap{x} = p1 p2 
hashmap{y} = p3 p4 
How cam I do that.......... 
I am struggling... 

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Thu Sep 21 09:35:24 2006: 2476   anonymous

Need a stopping condition...

module m1;


module m2;


so like
while<fp_ptr> {

if (/module\s*(\w)\)?.*/) {
my moduleName = $1;
parse till encounter endmodule... Then start from the beginning.
This condition I want.


The file can contain... n module definition.

Fri Sep 22 13:19:32 2006: 2478   TonyLawrence

This smells like a course assignment.

There's nothing hard here.. it's pretty basic parsing.

I doubt anyone here is going to do your homework for you. If you provided code you tried to write that didn't work, we MIGHT help you out if you explain it well and aren't just dumping a bunch of junk.

Otherwise, sorry, but no.

Sun Sep 24 04:12:34 2006: 2480   anonymous

I think I have confused everybody...

Here in short what I want to do...

I want to extract pattern from the file which can come multiple times...

pattern_1 any_thingh

pattern_2:anything /*I want to extract
anything pattern_2 to pattern_3 and store that
anything in a string
pattern_3 */


patten2 - pattern3 can come multiple time inside patten1- pattern2..

Sun Sep 24 11:39:44 2006: 2481   TonyLawrence

The only confusion is you thinking that people are going to write programs for you for free.

Perl's (link) "range" operator might help you..

Mon Sep 25 04:43:13 2006: 2482   anonymous

ok taken!! Thanks anyway....I think I will solve it

Mon Sep 25 16:41:58 2006: 2484   anonymous

Try the free sample chapter of the book Pro Perl Parsing. It will teach you what you need to know.



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