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case conversion in bash script??

© August 2006 anonymous

Author: anonymous
Date: Wed Aug 16 07:34:38 2006
Subject: case conversion in bash script??

I am writing a bash script.

Lets say,


Now I want to convert the content of VAR ($VAR) to lowercase. How can I do in bash.

i.e if I echo $VAR, I should get 'rakesh' not 'Rakesh'

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-> case conversion in bash script??


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Wed Aug 16 09:59:26 2006: 2397   TonyLawrence

new=`echo $old | tr '[A-Z' '[a-z]'`

In other words, it has nothing to do with Bash: you could do this in any shell that allows backtick or some other way to accept the output of external cammands.

new=$(echo $old | tr '[A-Z' '[a-z]')

is a "Bash" solution, but the work is still done by "tr".

Wed Aug 16 13:25:15 2006: 2398   anonymous

One can also use awk for the same:-

new = echo $old | awk '{print tolower($0)}'


Mon Jun 8 07:10:38 2009: 6466   anonymous

little correction
new=$(echo $old | tr '[A-Z]' '[a-z]')
you missed the ']'


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